Projects » Because I have difficulty with focus, I have more than one project going at any given time. This is a catalogue of current projects of various genres, and stages of development.

Bloodborn » An urban sci-fi/fantasy which takes a new look at vampirism. One young man becomes the focus of two ancient races altered by a virulent disease. His blood might well be a cure, but not everyone wants the virus eradicated. Some will stop at nothing to keep the infected just as they are.
Status: Brainstorming, partly outlined

Knight's Cross » A fantasy set in a world ruled by a queen with absolute power, whose influence is spreading across the world like a disease. In a world where one must play a dangerous and magical game of strategy to best her, a young boy finds he's the hope for both this magical world, and his own.
Status: Fully outlined, 20% written

Oneiric Chronicles » A urban fantasy in which nightmare creatures from the world of dreams are statring to break through a rift in dreamspace. Two adolescents discover incredible abilties and it becomes their mission to save their world from the threat of living nightmares. A three-part series.
Status: Book one: over 50,000 words written. Books two and three, partly outlined.

Postmortal » A paranormal novel where a young woman touched by death who has come too close to death learns to harness her abilities - except those abilites are nothing like she thought they were. Part of a series.
Status: Brainstorming

Shadowbinder » A (high) fantasy where a man with the unique ability to bind shadows to his skin to use for magical purposes is framed for a heinous crime. He tries to prove his innocence and uncovers a series of secrtes that go deeper than he could have imagined. A three-part series.
Status: Part one 90% outlined, 20% written; other parts brainstormed.

Sword and Blood » A dark fantasy which explores the methods and motives of the other side. When a half-elf meets someone as sociopathic as himself, and together they take revenge on the people who've once wronged them, and find their rightful place...and it doesn't matter at whose expense it is. A three-part series.
Status: Fully outlined, 40% written

The Wish » Almost fifteen years ago, a young boy made a wish. It was light-hearted and frivolous; he had no idea it could come true, and not in a way he ever thought possible.
Status: Brainstorming, partly outlined